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Muse has been providing a range of services to the legal, financial, and insurance sectors for over 30 years.

Muse, Stancil & Co. (Muse) with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and offices located in Houston, Texas; London, England; and Singapore has been providing a range of services to the legal, financial, and insurance sectors for over 30 years.  Formed in 1984; Muse specializes in the technical and economic assessment of energy-related issues.

Attorneys turn to Muse for explanations of complex industry issues, and the continue to provide expert testimony in the litigation of royalty cost allocations in Alaska, revenue/cost sharing for arbitration joint venture contracts in Europe, bankruptcies, and disputes involving plant processing interruptions. Their expertise has also been tapped in cases ranging from the classification of hydrocarbons to insurance disputes to the economics of rate cases.

Finance houses use Muse services to evaluate the merits and risks of a merger, acquisition, or proposed venture and then help close it successfully.  They reconcile buyer-versus-seller expectations on key elements such as operational limitations and commercial requirements, and bring the Muse team’s expertise in screening studies, preparation of offering memoranda, and transaction due diligence to the negotiating table. They provide evaluations and fair market assessments of energy assets around the world, and evaluated refinery assets and market positioning for potential acquirers, matching partners, and identifying financing resources to complete key transactions. Muse also routinely provides technical and economic analyses for bank groups from concept to closing.

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