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Our international reach and unique perspective, combining technical and economic disciplines, enable Muse to support clients interested in developing commercial opportunities in petroleum refining, bio-fuels, petrochemicals, power, liquefied natural gas, and gas-to-liquids (GTL). Over the years, Muse consultants have actively participated in refinery acquisitions and sales, midstream mergers and acquisitions, natural gas processing and distribution projects, and greenfield bio-fuel development projects requiring substantial private and public financing.

Muse consultants enjoy a globally-recognized ability to create and analyze structures that move business ideas beyond concepts to viable commercial realities. We balance business goals with local government or municipal guidelines, environmental regulations, and cultural differences.

As competition within the global energy sector intensifies, developers will see new markets, especially in developing economies. The combined experience of the Muse team spans the marketplace from the integration of upstream production with downstream markets. This is true whether the project is related to existing infrastructure or alternative/unconventional energy sources. Our additional services, which include balanced risk management between parties and commercial support for project financing, position Muse to bring deals to a successful conclusion.

We provide evaluations and fair market assessments of energy assets around the world, evaluate refinery assets and market positioning for potential acquirers, match partners, and identify financing resources to complete key transactions. Muse also routinely provides technical and economic analyses, from concept to closing, for bank groups.

• Deal Structure Development and Negotiations
• Market Creation and Commercialization
• Risk Management Balancing Between Parties
• Commercial Support for Project Financing


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