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At Muse, we understand that valuation and sound business decisions are inextricably linked. Clients depend on us to analyze the issues that relate to the market value of enterprises, ranging from refining joint ventures to cogeneration projects. We thoroughly document appraisal reports. We forecast and track supply/demand variables, and monitor pricing, utilization, and margins in the major industry segments. In short, we counsel our clients on all factors affecting market value, and our forecasts and analyses are realistic, not theoretical. We achieve this by accounting for the interplay between different energy sources, geographic regions, and widely differing refined product types. Additionally, our valuations address price volatility and the uncertainty of supply and demand over time. We also participate in negotiating forums when necessary, appearing in front of U.S. courts and international tribunals. Understanding a company is a key to measuring its value; Muse combines its know-how and experience with tools and insight to create and measure that value.

• Supply and Demand Studies
• Price and Margin Forecasts
• Asset Appraisals


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