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At Muse, one of our core strengths is developing strategies that help energy companies deal with rapidly changing political and economic conditions around the world. In such an evolving business climate, Muse helps clients do more than just cope; we help them anticipate and thrive on the dynamic environment that typifies today’s energy marketplace.

We do this by fusing our extensive hands-on experience and industry perspective with proven methods of identifying key profit drivers and opportunities, as well as threats to profitability. Our expertise includes assessing the economics of business structure, evaluating the competitive landscape, and defining appropriate strategies for integrating e-commerce into your business model. In the process, we tap our in-depth knowledge of specific markets such as refining, gas processing, lubricants, chemicals, and co-generation.

That expertise has stretched throughout the world, from North America, Latin America, and Asia to Central and Eastern Europe where we are known for our ability to position multinational companies for growth and profitability. Additional services include bench marking, brand management, supply chain strategies, and utility commercial enhancement.

• Transfer of Intellectual Capital
• Commercial Enhancements to Business Operations
• Commercial Contract Review/Negotiation Support
• Earnings Protection
• Risk/Return Assessments