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Muse is pleased to partner with Independent Engineer Services, LLC (IES) for Independent Engineer (IE) and Engineering-related services to the Midstream, Gas Processing, Pipelines, LNG, Refining, Petrochemical, and Renewable Fuels sectors.  Mr. Anthony Chodorowski is President of Independent Engineer Services LLC, a company of experienced and licensed engineers providing technical assistance to banks and financial institutions for the evaluation and monitoring of energy infrastructure projects.  IES complements Muse’s Independent Engineering capabilities, which draw from experienced consultants who have led IE engagements at several highly regarded consulting companies, including Purvin & Gertz, Pace Consulting, Shaw, and Stone & Webster, along with Muse, Stancil & Co.

Muse’s Independent Engineering team is comprised of engineering professionals with unparalleled experience from premier energy companies and consulting firms. Muse provides Project Financing services to the lender during all phases of project development, from pre-closing/pre-FID to construction to startup and commissioning. During the Feasibility and FEED stages, we provide reviews of the technology, the major contracts, and the Independent Engineer Report. We also provide an assessment of the project’s viability by evaluating critical factors that include business basis, governance, stakeholders structures, contracting and procurement, and planning.

After the project has been sanctioned, we provide construction monitoring services including budget and schedule reviews, site visit reports, and disbursements approvals. During start-up and commissioning, Muse provides completion and performance test services.

Muse IE services are central to both project financing and mergers/acquisitions activities. Our team can provide pre-closing, construction management and performance testing services to insure that technical design and project execution meet expectations for stakeholders. Services include:

  • Pre-Closing

    • Technical Review
    • Major Contract Review
    • Independent Assessment to Meet Financing Requirements
    • Documentation in IE Reports
  • Construction Monitoring

    • Budget and Schedule Review
    • Site Visit Reports
    • Disbursement Approvals/Procurement Oversight
  • Performance Testing

    • On-Site Monitoring/Inspection of Testing
    • Certification of Test Results

Our IE professionals also provide advisory services for merger and acquisition due diligence. We have experience working independently or as integral participants in due diligence teams representing both buyers and sellers. Due Diligence assignments routinely include the following services:

  • Condition of Assets

    • Site Visits
    • Operations and Maintenance Reviews
    • Inspection Records Reviews
    • Permit Reviews
  • Budget Monitoring

    • Capital Budgets and Project-Specific Capital Plans
    • Operating and Maintenance Budgets
  • Asset Valuation

    • Replacement Cost Estimates
    • Cash Flow Valuation
    • Comparable Sales Assessments


Our 10-person team of Independent Engineering professionals averages 32 years of experience in the petroleum industry.


Our IE consultants have global project development experience in the upstream, midstream, and refining sectors with firms such as Amoco, ARCO, BP, Conoco, El Paso, Exxon, Hess, Lyondell Citgo, Marathon, Mobil, and Williams.


Each of our IE professionals has significant independent engineering experience to complement their operating company experience. In addition to Muse, Stancil & Co., our consultants have led IE engagements at other highly regarded firms such as Pace, Purvin & Gertz, Shaw, Stone & Webster, and Wright Killen.


Our IE team is comprised primarily of chemical engineers and mechanical engineers, with the team leads being licensed professional engineers.


With offices in Dallas, Houston, London, and Singapore, our IE team provides effective and efficient services for projects in any location.