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Muse professionals have significant experience in the commercial and technical evaluation of LNG export and import options.  Our consultants have led engagements in LNG infrastructure planning and along every aspect of the LNG commercial chain.

The LNG commercial chain requires an understanding of LNG markets, sale and purchase agreements, LNG logistics, shipping commercial terms, and the commercial aspects of the regasified natural gas and pipeline transportation.  A successful LNG delivery chain needs to be understood and commercially sound from the remote LNG loading jetty to the final consumer inland in the importing country.  To advise its clients, the Muse consulting team draws from its wide range and depth of industry experience:

  • Long-term sales marketing and negotiation of contracts to U.S. and European markets

  • Negotiation of purchase of single, short-term and long-term LNG cargoes with suppliers from the Middle East, Africa, and Australia

  • Negotiation of LNG cargo swaps to optimize shipping routes

  • Assessment of LNG markets and trends in pricing

  • In-depth understanding of natural gas specifications, LNG quality, and how the re-gasified LNG will affect the mixture in the natural gas pipeline system

Muse consultants have notable experience in hands-on LNG project development work taking concepts through to execution and operations.  From the identification and characterization of the possible technical concepts to the development of the economic models and screening criteria, we provide our clients with a dynamic approach to evaluate project parameters and determine the optimal solution.  The Muse consulting team has advised its clients on the following types of projects:

  • Traditional land-based LNG import terminal with storage tanks and regasification facilities at the point of landing

  • Barge-based systems with on-barge or on-shore regasification

  • FSRU moored offshore with unloading via buoy

  • FSRU moored at a jetty

  • Land-based LNG import terminal using LNG ISO containers that could be trucked inland to consumption points instead of investing in pipeline infrastructure


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