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At Muse, optimizing is not just a buzzword. We bring superior technology and a thorough understanding of petroleum industry economics to the challenge of helping clients trim operating costs, boost plant performance, optimize product blending/distribution systems, and assess feedstock adaptability.

Whether for refining and marketing, gas processing, petrochemical manufacturing, or cogeneration, Muse provides specialized planning and operations expertise. This includes plant performance testing and evaluating new process technology, which helps us better analyze the feasibility of potential upgrade projects. Our existing technology includes licenses for the AspenTech PIMS™ linear programming system and the Hypro Tech HYSIM™ process simulator.

We also help clients monitor and adjust to changing global regulatory requirements, counseling them on interpretation, compliance, and related economic issues. Muse is a leading authority on state and federal gasoline regulations, continuously analyzing the economic and supply/demand impact of changing industry guidelines. With our broad experience in process modeling and operations optimization, Muse helps clients improve financial, operational, and regulatory performance.

• Operations Optimization
• Technology Assessment and Selection
• Process Modeling
• Regulatory Compliance Strategies


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