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2018 Speaking Engagements


Ajey Chandra, VP/Managing Director

will be teaching a class on

“Introduction to Gas Processing”

      November 14th, 2018,  Houston GPA Midstream Association


Neil K. Earnest, President

will be presenting at the:

Discover Sproule Conference 2018

 “On the Path to Recovery”

November 29, 2018,   Westin Downtown Calgary 



Recent Muse Speaking Engagements:

SPE Annual Conference, London (October 2018)
Hydrocarbon Processing and Gas Processing Conference, Houston (October 2018)
Fundamentals of Refining Economics Course, Singapore (September 2018)
Refining & Petrochemicals World Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam (June 2018)
Canadian NGL & Petrochemical Summit, Calgary (May 2018)
Russia CIS Oil and Gas, London (February 2018)
AMAP Conference, Phoenix (February 2018)
ARGUS North American NGL Conference, Houston (January 2018)
ARGUS Americas Motor Fuels Summit, Houston (January 2018)
Portsmouth University Petroleum Engineering Department, Portsmouth (November 2017)
IEA Forum/Energy Market Authority, Singapore (October 2017)
8th Middle East Bitumen/Asphalt Conference (May 2017)
ARGUS North American Natural Gas Markets (May 2017)
10th ARGUS Americas Asphalt Summit, Miami (February 2017)
The State of the Pipeline Industry in North America (April 2017)


If you would like MUSE to speak at your next conference, please contact us at 214-954-4455.